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The Faith Therapy
This is a therapy which has its origin in the ancient times and in the unknown ages. This Therapy got evolved in the Rishi Muni period when those great Rishies meditated for long long time and experienced god ‘s quality of compassion and grace which was unconditional towards all the creatures and living beings.
The god , they found was  full of mercy and miraculous  qualities  and gracious in nature . They also heard divine  sounds during deep meditations   in the form of Ram Ram Ram and Ram. As this sound was heard they experienced unlimited amount of energy flowing from this source which was full of bliss and ecstasy. This divine sound and the word ram made them wordless. This sound made them dance and they became spiritually elevated. They could even experience the cosmic symphony and observe the virtual power of soul.
God’s sound also descended and appeared to be a beam of light coming from millions of sun., ( light and sound are both waves but of different frequencies . And today the science itself has accepted that all the mass and entire creation is waves and only waves)
Over a period of time, they found that this sound (light) of god  has  healing and rewarding qualities and quality of supporting and helping the people in distress.  They eventually recognized this as the power of god’s name - Ram Ram Ram which was loaded with these qualities.
The Rishies started praising it and later developed a mystic faith in it. This faith got translated into devotion (bhakti) and faith therapy. This word or Naam also came to be known as Shabad.
Our honourable  Satguru Swami Shri Satyanand ji Maharaj also sat for a deep and long meditation until he heard and explored this sound which was again incarnated as Ram Ram and Ram. So he described it  very sweetly in a divine poetry titled as Amritwani. 
This  Amritvani is filled with unlimited praise for lord ram and it says   Ram naam me Ram ko sadda virajit jaan - meaning that the one who is addressed by name is always present in the name.  This is a unique, fastest and most shortcut approach to communicate with god.
This power of faith was then experienced by Swami Shri Ishwardas  ji Maharaj  who endorsed this faith of the cosmic word Ram Ram  and propagated  it to the masses.
Our present living  guru Shri Rajendra ji Maharaj adopted  this infallible faith of Ram Naam and experienced the ultra   waves of sound of ram naam surrounding him. He also saw a infinite field of golden light which was separated  from this manifisted world, by a visible death point. He then  made lots of people , not one but millions of them, experience this mystical and powerful word  Ram  and  helped them achieve their life goal and acquire spritual advancements.
This Ram Naam  is a supreme  Shakti  (power) and this word is to be distinctively called as mantra. No other word,  name or  noun can be equated with this word -The Mantra Ram.
  (below written describes the  state of mind  of the  people who have cherished the faith  therapy )

The purest form of FAITH; I have in you  oh! Lord,
creator of happiness, saviour of downtrodden: magnanimous  authority.

I follow only thy path oh! RAM which is indeed true,
with firm belief I live the life, as I have you.
Thou art the only CAUSE of all the happenings around- provider of food, water and pure breath:
My only lord-creator of blessings and happiness.
My only appeal is to you-in these hard times,
Thou art the the sole benevolent benefactor-
ocean of distilled and divine love.
My faith is firm and for the supreme-Ram Ram and only Ram,
thou art the light of my life, my abode of  devotion and peace.

Amidst the stony course of life and amongst the dense jungles,
I cherish the blissful solace with thy faith I roam;
Fearless with my true companion.
When the clouds of despair occur, I am pricked by meetings  and departings,
I will be safe under thy scrutiny with heart and mind essentially pure.
When I face humiliations and criticisms, facing all the odds,
I am at peace with thy holy name and infalliable support.
When my heart is pierced by venomous words by all
and when the mind is unstable- I shall be dependent
on you and your faith oh! RAM.

I shall be equidistant and maintain the equilibrium of mind,
resting on thy pillar of thy FAITH-I shall make my critics mine.
When my soul is tortured by all the deeds and misdeeds,
Thy faith inspires me to be a Rock and follow thy lovely path.
No obstacles shall I count and no opposition shall I note,
Thy FAITH is Supreme; shall be my strong belief.
The happiness and sadness and the ups and downs,
shall I never count. Nil shall be my mind dependent on you,
full shall be my heart- with holy faith in you.

When I am wide awake or in deep slumber, I shall
be with thee and thy faith- consciously and un-consciously yours.
When path of my life is full of darkness and no light shall I see,when time itself is devastating and no seed shall I reap,
Only the intoxication of you and me, No heap no reap shall I see.
You are the Lord of Lords, divine and truest authority,
I bow unto you oh Lord ,thou art the hallmarked power.
My king, companion, and my lover,
Creator, Composer and Supreme Protector.

Thou art my only hope-Pristine and Purest form,
Abode of  Riches and Wealth- Miraculous and Auspicious Lord.
When I am stuck in the Karmic circle and I am hurt by all,
My doubt and suspicions are annihilated, due to your FAITH oh! Lord all the ills will fall.
Since I’ve got your enchanting and mystical faith oh! Lord,
neither am I scared about death and birth nor am I touched by the temporal and corporeal matters.
Your faith provides the Strength and Wisdom,
wherein I break the forts of shortcomings and castles of evil tendencies.

Without your essential faith, I am just a numb body,
your FAITH is an asset- not to be bought or sold.
Without thy Faith oh! Lord the entire world seems- wild net of actions and reactions,
my soul has no identity, I am merged with you oh! Lord.
No matter how poor the pauper be, your faith raises his dignity.
And no matter how rich the king be, Without thy faith- decayed life he leads.

I  accept thy will oh! Lord, by knowing thou truest form,
Thy unconditional and ultimate presence- makes a feeble a winner. Actions liked by you oh! RAM are noblest one oh!RAM
Sacred deeds are those oh! Lord- under thy glorious guidance.
Grace me by thy pure FAITH-the divine spring of love,
I achieve that bliss and serenity,
By thy FAITH oh!LORD.

Sarva Shaktimate Parmatmane Shree Ramaya Namah

When you toss an infant high in the air, it smiles, because it knows you will catch him.
It has FAITH.

Have Faith In Your Faith

This is the mool mantra given by his holiness Gurudev Shri Rajendraji maharaj.

He exhorts his disciples to have unwavering faith in your faith in all situations of life.

Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient…are recognized as the universal attributes of God.
Who or what is God ?
Which is the one `true` path to this Divine Soul?
Should we meditate on a formless Supreme Being or worship a Divine idol?
Should we realize God within our ownselves?
These questions have plagued mankind down the ages and continue to do so till date. Every one is in search of that `authentic` path, which might lead Man to the Supreme Being.

Gurudevji advocates a Novel way of attaining God - Sahaj yog. He does not ask a gruhast to renounce the world. On the contrary, he asks him to fulfill his familial duties & social obligations. He firmly believes that it is possible for any person to strike a balance among family life, work and other pursuits along with spiritual development.

He guides his disciples to remain within the realms of the four basic principles of the Almighty, i.e. Satya, Gyan, Anand & Seva. He leads by example; He preaches only what he himself practices. Devotion to God does not mean giving up things. Devotion means the flowering of one's capabilities. Real sadhana for a gruhast implies toiling hard from morning till evening with Raam naam in Simran. He ordains his folowers to get rid of mental disturbance, moral wrongs and ignorance. There is no person happier than a Sadhak in this world. However, for becoming fully happy, one has to cut the roots of ignorance, egotism and illusion by following the means prescribed by Guruji.

With the advent of Gurudev, India’s long-time affair with spirituality has indeed taken a giant leap. Gurudev Shri Rajendraji maharaj is one of the few spiritual Gurus who draws huge crowds & it's not only the poor and the middle class who eagerly gather for his discourses, but also includes several Doctors, Engineers, MBAs, Advocates, Corporate heads, Bankers… who have climbed right to the top of the economic ladder & even politicians.

His Sunday discourses are so engrossing & practical & his disciples are so
mesmerized…spellbound… & love struck, that they have to think twice before
they can even dare to blink, lest they may miss,
One mischievous grin
One enigmatic smile
One mystic expression of the face
One twinkle in the eye
One subtle quote, which may be prophetic
One little remark which will be a guide through the week
One little observation, seemingly simple, yet so profound.

What is it that sets him apart from others? He is indeed a Sadgurudev who defies conventions, whose profile is unique;--A qualified Engineer, from a world renowned institute, & born in a business family which was dedicated to the Spiritual upliftment of the masses through Raam naam, in the mayanagari of Mumbai.

It was in the year 1989, that Guruji shouldered the noble responsibility of continuing the legacy. Today, Mumbai has given its heart to Guruji. However, just as one can not stop the fragrance of a flower from spreading, there are millions of bhaktas of Guruji spread not only in India but across the whole world, transcending all barriers of religion, caste, creed and nationality.

He is totally unassuming & without pretenses. Instead of an abstruse philosophy that can be comprehended by a few, Guruji’s teachings boil down to pure and simple common sense. While teaching bhakti he stresses sincerity and awareness. He suggests that Simaran of Ram naam,can be done at any time but it should be done from the bottom of the heart with
full faith, awareness & a complete sense of surrender unto Him.
“If pressed for time, it is okay to perform pooja without taking a bath, rather than not doing it at all,” he decrees. He disapproves of those who renounce their domestic duties in the pursuit of God, he preaches that a few minutes spent daily thinking about God are sufficient.

He prefers to use simple, day to day language, for his discourses, still conveying profoundest of spiritual knowledge, even to illiterate.

He appeals to the young & the old alike. Being techno Savvy, he keeps abreast with the latest technological developements & connects instantly to young minds. Having connected with them, he proceeds to scientifically explain spiritualism & satisfies logical minds.

Today’s generation, is obsessed with ‘e’ phenomena & is at ease with e-mail, e-banking, e-commerce, e-trade,etc. Guruji adds the single, most important, dimension to their lives, instant connectivity to e-shwar.

Going back, perhaps to his training as a qualified engineer, Guruji strongly advocates an intelligent and scientific approach to life. This rare blend of spiritual wisdom and pragmatism is especially appealing in today’s increasingly materialistic world with its fast-paced schedules and slackening spiritual values, and perhaps explains the presence of a large number of youth among his devotees, with an average age of below 40 years.This is a very rare phenomena, & may be the only one of it’s kind in our country.

Even pregnant women attend Guruji’s discourses with a prayer in their heart that the child will gain the spiritual knowledge from their womb itself. Parents bring there children to satsang from young age itself, so that even if they can not comprehend, Guruji’s magical voice & the name of Raam will be etched in their minds at an early age.

Guruji has been able to spur a new bhakti-wave in the young, new-age generation, which indeed is one of the greatest contributions to the society. The unprecedented postliberalization economic growth in our country in the last 18 years has spawned many a source for stress in a typical Indian's life. Given the pace at which we are being exposed to the pitfalls of liberalisation, we are fast catching up with high stress levels which is quite common in developed countries.

Financial insecurity, fragile relationships and increasing pace of life are the primary fallouts.
We are living in such a busy life that there is hardly any time for introspection. There is so
much conflict within ourselves & with others in the society that many of us are awakening to
the truth that there is something wrong with the way we are living and with our values and

The well-being and growth of an individual depends on how he deals with the sense of insecurity which is the root cause of envy, depression and relationship problems. Wellness or good health can be achieved by establishing a vibrant equilibrium between Self and the universe, thus achieving a state in which the body, mind and soul are free and fully

Guruji, as a spiritual mentor guides his disciples to, to cultivate positive approach towards life & it’s problems, to do self - analysis & introspection so as to correct one’s social & moral behaviour. He suggests simple rules to relieve oneself of stress & achieve complete harmony among self, family, society & nature.

Guruji always lays a special emphasis on developing & maintaining correct food habits.The food that we eat has a direct impact on our health. It is truly said,

Pehla sukh ,Nirogi kaya

Guruji firmly believes that body is a vehicle of the soul & the temple of the living God, which can be fortified by taking Satvik Aahaar. He always has a word of caution for the young generation to avoid the junk food. Guruji advices fasting at least once in a fortnight to keep one’s body fit & the mind agile.

Guruji has a very melodious voice & a profound knowledge of music. He firmly believes that music is the divine bridge to the universe. Once Guruji starts singing, the listeners are spellbound by his melodious voice. They at once go in a trance & are carried away in a mystic world of eternal bliss where they are oblivious of all their worldy ties & worldly miseries. One is so overwhelmed by his bhajans that one is compelled to acknowledge

Sangeet mein Parmatma… Sangeet hi Ishwar hai

His discourses, bhajans and vedic recitals have a soothing effect on tense & anxious nervesand serve as a real stress-buster for them. He teaches us to enjoy & live life to it’s fullest.

The emergence of spirituality on such a large scale also has a positive impact on the society as a whole. On one side, while people have become more tolerant of their brethren, a sense of giving has also been inculcated in them.

According to Guruji, Spiritualism is the only remedy for Stress - a disease which is least acknowledged, His medicine is best described in his own golden words as,

“Celebrate Life Through Spiritualism”

For all his devotees who hail from various walks of life, Gurudev Shri Rajendraji Maharaj has proved to be a turning point in their lives. It is as if a miracle has taken place in their lives. Sat Gurudev is full of love, compassion and forgiveness. He remembers every devotee he meets & even children by name. Today his followers are privileged to experience God in human form.

He has lacs of learned & highly educated followers who had first come to attend the Satsang just by chance or out of curiosity & who did not fancy worshiping God in human form. Many of his disciples who come from affluent backgrounds would not have got carried away so easily. However they were very strongly & instantly drawn towards his simplicity & purity. Gradually they discovered bliss.

Satsang Is Management Of Desires

Desire is the root cause of all evils & sorrows. Hence Guruji says that there is an urgent need to manage our desires judiciously.

Guruji does not advise us to renounce all our worldly desires, instead, he ensures that most of our rational desires are fulfilled one by one, so that we are mentally satiated. Guruji emphasizes that the real art does not lie in fulfillment of desires but liberating oneself from the clutches of desire, so that one can pursue the ultimate desire of realising God.

However, Guruji emphatically claims that if one nurtures a deep hearted desire with an unflinching faith & pursue it relentlessly then all the forces of nature work wonders for its fulfillment.

“Guru se mahala prapte, chaahe likhiya hove mat”

“Lakh khushiyaan baadshahiyaan, je satguru nazar kare”

The immortal relationship between a Guru and a Shishya is the most sacred according to Hindu mythology.

For his innumerable bhaktas, heaven lies in the lotus feet of Guruji. No one has seen heaven, but Guruji’s followers are sure that it can’t be better than the eternal bliss & joy they experience under His divine auspices.

His bhaktas firmly believe that He is GOD INCARNATE. If there is God, then He is here. On earth, among us, wherever His work is done. His disciples believe in Guruh Param Deivatam i.e. Guru is the Ultimate Deity in their lives.

In the present era of Ghor Kalyug, Guruji has descended to alleviate the ills of the world & thus liberate the world of it’s sins. As is said by Lord krishna’ in Geeta,’

“Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya,Glanira Bhavathi Bharatha
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya,Tadatmanam Srijamyaham

Paritranaya Sadhunaam,Vinashaya Cha’ Dushkritaam
Dharma Sansthapnarthaya Sambhawami Yuge Yuge”

“Whenever there is decay of righteousness, and a decline in religious practice,
O descendant of Bharata, - at that time I descend Myself, and make myself evident.”

Chant Shri Gurudevdevaye Namah

for it is Gurudev who relieves us of suffering. Every
devoted Gurudev bhakta does experience this truth. His followers, who have egolessly, & unconditionally surrenders unto Guruji’s lotus feet, has invariably experienced at all times, his pure love, his divine grace, and his incessant support.

Guruji’s spiritual treatise - White Flower is a beautiful compilation of Guruji’s amrit vachans, pravachans & immortal quotes which dispel worldly illusions & enlighten the readers with param gyan.

White signifies purity & peace & Flower is the only source of nectar.

"I bow before "sri ram" who is vested with all the powers,
I bow before the sources and reservoirof all the powers,
I bow to seek shelter with the supreme soul- "RAM"
I dedicate and surrender myself unto him."

"Parmatma (Ram) -- The Supreme Power"

According to hindu scriptures,only one supreme power (ram) exists.
Hindusim regards this supreme power being as God, the almighty.
"Ram" is believed to be the creator, preserver and the destroyer of the universe.

Through our "Pujya Guru Shri Rajendraji Maharaj", we have been blessed with the supreme power "Ram". Gurudev teaches us to keep "Ram Naam" in the forefront and do the benevolent actions and take care of our duties and responsibilities and then be ready to receive the maximum benefit of "Ram Kripa".

"Guru Shree" as a heavenly hymn is the eternal companion of us on whom we can unfailingly depend at every stage of life. The "Master"  is a ready source of strength and inspiration to his followers. Remembering him as a loving,benevolent and blissful "Guru" with love and dedication can lift the devotee to the highest stage of bliss, ecstasy, indeed even the highest level of samadhi.

The teachings of "Guruji" helps one to become a complete individual and an enlightened soul.he is a beacon of spiritual light in our world.

"Pujya Guruji" inspires one and all and motivate everyone to chant "Ram Naam" and live their lives more meaningfully. "Gurudev" if described in one word, is truly a "Satchitanand" (Full of Truth,Knowledge and Bliss).