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Amrut vani a divine text too presents the ultimate truth, penned down by sadgurudev swami satyanand ji mahraj. It is filled with the divine shabad- ram.as an object and subject ram appears 306 times in amrut vani across 31 pages.as a principal verb, number of times. There are no ritualistic introductions. It introduces the formless, divine naam “the way it is”. thus, eliminating all the intermediaries. So it is full of truth- direct, unchangeable, simple, impermeable, reliant.

We can understand this by “theory of attribution”. one uses internet and 3g mobile telephony nowadays. Due to internet, one is instantly connected to the world. one can get all answers from google. thus, internet and cell phones are attributed to instant communication. Amrut vani too, ignites “instant connection” with the divine lord.after sometimes, we start communicating  with him and get answers to all our problems. Amrut vani is a satellite which connects human soul to the supreme soul.this holy book is attributed to “nirakar ram”- boundless, free, infinite. so, after chanting this text too one feels, ’free from bondage of pain and pleasure’.

So why is it that people still chant and sing this text every time with same enthusiasm, after  20-30 years? The answer lies in amrut vani itself the text has simple language and practical examples eg,

Yatha shakti paramanu main,
Vidyut kosh saman;
Hai mantra tyo shaktimay,
Aisa rakhiya dhyaan.

“a small atom is a reservoir of energy,
So is mantra ram- hidden storehouse of energy.”

Another example so common but reveals something uncommon,

Batan dabane se yatha aati bijli dhar,
Naam jaap prabhav se tyo kripa avatar.

“when the switch is turned on, in a fraction of second does the electric current pass,
When  sadhak chants his divine naam, the universal waves of good-will flow towards him.”

What do these examples in the text say? They do not didactically teach. they only present scientific truth for rational creatures like us. they condition our mind to accept the almighty’s presence and will. they also increase our potential and our treshold to achieve the sole ruler ram.
This text is not modern for namesake. it is an authentic spiritual treatise. it also includes classical concepts of vedas. For eg,

Dasham dawar se ho tabhi ram kripa avatar,
Gyan shakti anand sah sama shakti sanchar.

“after crossing the ten mighty doors of thy body,shall you meet ram.
Then only shall you be adorned with intelligence, strength, bliss and samadhi described
In sama veda.”

Sama  veda- collection of mantras, chants and tunes creates similar energy circles when amrut vani is sung by humble sishyas in amogh dham.this divine music appeals to every one.rejuvenates them every now and then.

Amrut vani is the essence of upanishads,vedas,stotras and stutis. it is a pass to enter the palace of tranquility.the shishyas wants to understand this cosmic law, this unity of vachak(addresser) and vachya (addressee) as the upanishad states,

“it is not the language  but the speaker that we want to understand”
And amrut vani helps in solving this mystery and provides answers.

Amrut-vaani as the name suggests is a “nectar of divine love”. Divinely appeared and mystically revealed by Swami Shri Satyanand ji Mahraj-, this book has become an infalliable support of millions of disciples. The entire text of      31 pages  resonates with the  shabd (word) “ram” – the formless entity. The holy text also appears to be like a “stuti” wherein the devotee appreciates,chants, recites and adores the creator of all creations. The holy text is multi-faceted. At another level it
becomes a “granth” presenting the divine age-old knowledge to the wanderers following the path of spirituality. The holy text also answers the queries of the mundane affairs, relating the material world to the wider iconic spiritual world and its underlying  inter-connectedness. The cosmic symphony which the intonation of this divine poetry creates, transfers one’s self to the trance world- of cosmic sound and divine light.
Amritvani scripted by "Pujya Swami Shri Satyanandji Maharaj" neither needs introduction nor commentary.The hidden philosophy lying beneath the beautiful verses of eternal words is a healer of all ills. Amritwani teaches us that the depth of spiritual experiences can be reached by the jaap of the supreme power (RAM). While we read in amritvani that "Parmatma Sri Ram" is all powerful - omnipotent, we are connected to the source and reservoirs of all the powers through "Ram Naam" Reading and chanting the stanzas containing noble and elevating thoughts in amritvani helps very much to prepare our minds for jaap and dhyaan.